We tend to underestimate the cultural dimension of managerial processes, techniques and tools.

Henri-Claude de Bettignies





·        Full analysis of a company’s working environment in respect to its influence on employees motivation. This partly takes place at the company’s site and partly in our office by exploitation of the survey results. The outcome of the analysis will be the disclosure of optimization potential and presentation of improvement means.


·        Cross Cultural Cooperations. Here we consider the situation of western companies which are acting in former communist countries or have contacts with companies from this cultural area. Beside this, we are also dealing with practical aspects of cooperation between european and american or japanese companies.


·        Assistance in selection and training of executives


·        Assistance in conflict management


·        Technical consulting in the field of industrial electrochemistry (e.g. lead batteries, electrochemical sensors & biosensors, mass production technologies). Here we claim considerable own industrial experience as well as collaboration with international top specialists. Due to our connections with other independent experts, this working area may be eventually extended.